Google Trends Webinar
(UK) Q4 2018

This industry-specific webinar will provide the latest data on consumer buying signals and the latest strategies for optimising campaign management.

During this webinar you will learn:

Latest consumer trends 

in UK Search in 2018 using exclusive Google data 

Key industry metrics 

Seasonality trends and device shifts to gain the advantage.

Supercharge your Ads

A game-changer method to high performance

Nick Morton

 Nick is a co-founder of Supplyant, a Google Premier Partner Agency.  After 14 years of starting, growing and selling e-commerce businesses his job is now to help others to do the same. 

Google Premier Partner & your Webinar Host

Your Google Trends Experts

Robert Watson

Stephen will be guiding you through the latest consumer trends in Flooring search in 2018 using exclusive Google data. He will discuss key industry metrics, seasonality trends and device shifts and what you need to do to gain the advantage.

Stephen Power

Agency Manager at Google UK&I

Robert will make you rethink everything about managing  your Google Ads by harnessing Google Machine Learning. He will explain why it's such a game-changer in 2018, how it will supercharge your performance and how to make the change.

Head of Digital Ads at 


Attendee feedback on the webinar content

Martin Garrod

Marketing Manager

"Content that matched my industry and I was able to take ideas away to use on my account."

Steph Jenkins

"The updates on machine learning gave me something to think about. I've been optimising ads for over 10 years and this really is a game-changer"

Managing Director

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